Americana: with David Franck

So the other day

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[6/3/2011] I got a lesson in American culture by photographer David Franck. A man who’s passion for the past eight years has been to collect and photograph what seems like everything Americana! Everything from neon signs, oddly shaped and decorated water towers, to giant versions of stuff; this man either has photographed it or is on a mission to, but only in America.
David Franck is a New York based photographer who has sought out to capture the “nation’s unusual folkloric history” through a series of images that center’s around the 40’s and 50’s style of tourist collectables. Back in the day these trinkets were everywhere, and so was hand painted art and any form of man made oddities that would draw a crowd in. Now days, this style of art work is few and far between. So Franck has made it his mission to seek out all of it that he can find bring it back to life as he throws it in your face. “I literally want it to hit you in the face as you walk in to the exhibit, it should be [cluttered]… I want there to be a lot for the viewers to take in.”
Franck considers his exhibit in Beaufort, NC as a practice run for much larger exhibits to come. The current installation consists of a one room gallery designed to look like an old motel scene where the artist has just walked out of the room, leaving behind a hurried mess of travel paraphernalia. Outside of this hotel scene the walls of the actual gallery itself are covered with samples of work from his travels which have taken him from one corner of the country to the other. Now, he doesn’t have every state represented in the collection, but that is his goal. Currently David is raising funds for a travel grant to finish his project and bring all of the possible oddities of America to our attention. Wish him luck 😉


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One response to “Americana: with David Franck

  • keoughp

    Nice article Carol! Post it to the vasa blog site as well. I have a few more photos we can add to it. I want to add a quote from one of the students that went to it last week. Nice work!

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