The Artist, The Photographer…

While growing up in the small town of Morehead City, NC, I was always curious about the many ways to capture the sights of the world around me. I grew up learning about different forms of art, but in the end I grew tired with the worlds hand crafted space. Now, as a student at Carteret Community College working on a double major in photography and art, I play in the space of the photographic process seeking to capture pieces of the passing moments around me. Specializing in documentary photography, photojournalism, and travel art photography; I seek to display the best images from anywhere I travel, or from any event I attend, with utmost clarity in both image detail and visual conception.
My work has currently been published by NC State, and for the next year I will be working alongside volunteers and members of the Marine Stranding Network (NC) and the Beaufort Maritime Museum on a documentary series entitled “Bonehenge.”
It is my goal that in my image making and editing process, I provide my fans and viewer base with the best I have to offer of all the things I’ve seen and experienced.
I want only to share these images and ideals with you.


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