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A start to a whale of a thing :)

So last night a small gathering was held at the Maritime Museum in Beaufort, NC. The goal of the gathering was for the volunteers that had been involved with the construction of a new exhibit, the erection of the skeletal frame of a sperm whale that had washed up on the shore of cape lookout a few years ago, to get a feel for the documentary project that I am in the process of putting together for them. Since my coming on to the project, I have taken many stills of a certain style to project the feeling of how fragile these bones are. I am continuously gaining a deep appreciation for how delicate such massive creatures can be. It is my hope that this documentary will be a prime contribution to the exhibit these volunteers have been working so tirelessly on for some years now.

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If you’d like to learn more about this project please visit the site they made! The “Bonehenge” volunteers and museum staff have put alot of work in to this and are still trying to raise money for the exhibit’s completion. You can check out their website at: