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The End to A Hectic Summer!!!

Now of course summer isn’t really over yet, the warm weather shall continue for another month or so but I am so glad to finally be finished with this summer semester of classes as a photography student at Carteret Community College.

I’ve just finished my diversified portfolio for this past year so I’ll definitely be loading up a copy soon 🙂


Caffeine Contemplation: 001

So I’m slowly realizing that coffee effects me in reverse. I wake up wired, get my espresso and calm down. So during one of my wired expeditions to the coffee shop I started shooting the large jars of whole beans. (Just before getting another two shots of espresso after my previous three)

So heres to the start of things…

My full name is Carol Kristjana Davis, I’m currently a photography student at Carteret Community College. I don’t blog much, honestly it’s not my thing, but maybe something interesting will come of this. Guess we’ll find out in the time to come! In the mean time, I guess I’ll get started by loading up a few of my projects I’ve completed over the past year or so…

-C.K. Davis